It's time to STOP TALKING about what you want to do, whatever it is, and START TAKING ACTION to make it real. That's what we do for you...we make it real.

Stressed out? Stop worrying about your goals. Creating IMPACT is where it's at.

Focusing on our personal or business goals or outcomes can be stressful, limiting and life consuming.  Want to take the stress out of your life?  Creating Intentional Impact, and coming from that place, is how it’s done.  We bring this in to everything we do including working with you.  Learn how designing and creating Intentional Impact in both your personal and business life will shift how you do life.

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The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals....

…is a straight line from A to Z.

Guess what?  That won’t happen.

Working with us we will guide you through the process so that the end result aligns with your values, builds your tribe and creates the success you are hoping for…and then some.

Our Process

We will work with you in 4 main areas:

Build Foundation l Set Direction l Reshape Business Vision l Make it Epic

These areas affect everything you do.

We guide you, and your team,  through the process of going from good to EPIC!


Build Foundation

We work with companies and individuals to build that strong foundation by exploring the “WHY” they do what they do.  From the “why” comes the Values.  These values form the company’s Mission and Vision.  MESHing it all together we work with you to create the foundational Stake and Impact that drives your business or your life.  This is the cement that holds everything together.


Set Direction

This is where we facilitate the Strategic Plan for your business or your life.  We are putting together the pieces for your Business Plan and your Marketing Plan.  This is also the time to ensure that your message to your employees is clear and everyone is onboard.

    • Indvidual Coaching
    • Team Coaching
    • Leadership Development
    • Employee Training
    • Workshop Facilitation
    • Engage or Re-Engage Employees
    • Creatability Bootcamp
    • Epic Shit Bootcamp
    • Rules of Engagement Workshop
  • Conflict Resolution for Business Partners and Partners in Life


Reshape Business Vision

We define the training and ongoing accountability that will be needed.  We also bring in the rest of our team and look at what you are using to tell the world what you are doing (internet, website, social media, advertising etc) .  We look at what needs to be added or altered to fit your new foundation and direction.  This is the part that ties everything together.

MESH for Business, along with our Strategic Partners works with companies and individuals to:

    • Develop their Brand
    • Set Goals, Accountabilities, KPI’s
    • Ongoing training and re-training
    • Define areas of growth and areas of challenge
    • Bring Synergy to your business
  • Create Epic Shit in your world


Make It EPIC!

All the talking about goals, dreams, outcomes – whatever it is your are talking about – is amazing.  It’s great to have a plan.  It’s just talk unless you do something about it.  Going from good to Epic means taking action.

Sometimes the action is BOLD, sometimes it’s FIERCE and sometimes it invokes many levels of FEAR in us.  We recognize that.  We have lived it.  That is how we got here. We played it safe for a long time.  Now we bring to you BOLD Action, FIERCE Courage and NO FEAR.

The right time is RIGHT NOW to Make Epic Shit Happen in your life or your business.

It’s as easy as 1.

 1) CONTACT US -that’s it.

An Awesome Team of Strategic Partners, Coaches, Professionals and Epic Shift Makers

You just don’t work with our team members….your experience them.  Want to create something epic in your business or your life?  How about both?  Check out our team.

The Power Of Collaboration

You don’t have to do it alone.  One of the keys to success is asking for help.  We are the people, have the people or know the people that you need to Make Epic Shit Happen for you.

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