“I worked with Mark for over a year at a time when I was having a hard time finding motiviation and wanted to take my career to the next level. Mark’s insight and down to earth approach helped me recognize bad habits that I had fallen into.” read more

Clint Hiles
Investment & Retirement Planner, CFP, CIM RBC Wealth Management, Vancouver BC

“Mark I want to thank-you for improving the communication with my business partner/brother. You also played a key role and mending our families, which was even more important than any business decision that needed to be discussed. ” read more

Dennis Guiotto
Principal, Synergy Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

“I personally appreciated how Mark brought his passion and creative energy in the years we have worked together. Mark was instrumental in bringing about our desired outcome.” read more

Pia Schindler
Director of Development, Kidney Foundation of Canada BC Branch

” I would recommend Mark to any ambitious person for his talent, empathy, profound kindness and professionalism.” read more

Pauline Loygue
Marketing Manager at Green Communications

“Mark’s creativity and competence were instrumental in implementing various communications and branding initiatives in our organization” read more

David Yochlowitz
Chief Executive Officer, ABC Recycling

“With Mark you can feel how the possibilities for vision and achievement are absolutely endless. Mark is firm in his service to the client- gentle when it’s needed and he doesn’t accept the currency of BS!” read more

Kelly Burke
Entrepreneur, Fitness Trainer

“He was able to determine the root cause of the challenge I was going through, and effectively put in place an easy strategy for me to use.” read more

Ryan Thomas

“Mark makes sure you get there. So, you can live a happier and more empowered life.” read more

Diane Lund
President Creative Wonders Communications