``Be A Man``, ``Grow Some Balls``, ``Stop Crying``, ``Man Up`` - WTF Does That All Mean?

There are sure some whacked out ideas of what it means to “Be A Man”.  I have heard of some groups telling their men to “go to their women and tell them they don’t have the bandwidth to deal with home issues because they work and bring in the money”.  What f’ing year are we in?  First off…not all of us have women, some of us have men and some of us don’t have anyone.  What we do all have is feelings, emotions, wants, dreams etc.  Admit it…you do too.

We work with men on an individual basis and in groups.  You don’t have to be in business.  You just have to be breathing.

We work with men on:

  • Dealing with all their relationships
  • Dealing with expectations on them
  • Anger Management
  • Self Worth and Confidence Building
  • Authenticity
  • Loneliness
  • Getting Out of the Box
  • Personal Shit

Here is what we don’t do:

  • We DON’T Judge
  • We DON’T Sterotype
  • We DON’T Buy in to your BS
  • We DON’T care about others opinions of what we do

Let’s MAKE EPIC SHIT HAPPEN in your lives – you deserve it.  Contact us – Step Up and Be a Man!

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