Like a Bird...On a Wire...How do you stand out?

Before we can be part of any team, any business, any relationship we need to know who we are and what we stand for individually.  Sure, you may laugh when you hear someone say “what are your values?”.  What do values have to do with it?  Well,,,they have everything to do with it.  Most people have no clue what their real core values are.  We get them for you.  We have magical powers to pull them out of you.  They guide everything you do – where you work, who you partner with, who your friends are, where you travel, what you eat…everything.

On the other side of FEAR and feeling not good enough is FREEDOM.  Want to be free?  You need to contact us.  It won’t happen overnight.  You have spent many years getting to where you are at.  It’s time to do something different.  Work with us to Make Epic Shit Happen in your Life.  That’s what we do.

What We Do

One on One Coaching and Mentoring

EPIC wasn’t built in a day.  This is going to take some work and commitment.  This will be one of the only times in your life where it is 100% about only you.  How cool is that?  We have zero judgement on anything.  The sessions are confidential and we create a very safe place to be you and bring whatever  it is you need to bring to the meeting.

Sessions are 2 times a month. We can meet in person (depending on schedule), over the phone, Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom.  There….no excuses now.

Contact us and let us work with you and create EPIC Shit in your life.

Book a MESH Session


A MESH session is a taste tester, whet the pallet, put your toe in the pool, peek over the wall…whatever metaphor you want to use…to see what it is like to be working with us.  It is a 90 minute session.  The price is $149.00.  It is an introductory price that will lead to what is possible for you.

C’mon…just push the button.


Here's the Magic Pill

Like Coffee? Let's meet.

OK, it’s not about coffee.  It is about stopping all the talking about what you want to do and start doing something about it.  We will get you there.