All Work and No Play - Not On Our Watch - You Can Have Both...

We are serious about the work we do and we respect the work you do.  Shifting perspective and old paradigms keeps us moving forward.  We bring many years (over 30) of experience working in a variety of business models (Family Enterprise, Entrepreneurial, Corporate) as well as new skills and tools and we work with you and your team to build or rebuild a solid foundation for your organization.  We teach people how to step in and out of all the leadership roles, how to powerfully communicate, effectively listen and have powerful conversations that don’t break down.

Running a business is a tough role.  Guess what???  You don’t have to do it alone.  We strongly believer int he power of collaboration.  We will help you build your team or tribe.  There are so many things we can get in to here – but we won’t.  We would however LOVE to meet with you in person to talk about your needs.  Let’s make this happen.  Contact us.

What We Do...

Strategic Planning

They say “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.  We believe that you should have wishes and dreams too.  What we know is how to achieve those wishes and dreams and it starts with planning and goal setting.

We run strategic planning sessions with a difference.  We get down to business and we get down to fun and team building and creating alignment and on and on.

Our Strategic Planning Sessions run from 4 – 8 hours and, at the end, we send you a summary of what happened in the meeting including actionable items that hold people accountable.

The first step is to contact us so we can talk more about your needs.  Email, phone..fill out the form on the right side or at the bottom – there are no excuses now.  The right time is RIGHT NOW!

Team Building

We bring and aspect of team building in to everything we do.  If you really want to align your team, challenge them, have them step in to their leadership roles or discover what they are for themselves – whatever your goal is we can make it happen.

We facilitate team building sessions that can be done over lunch, over a day or over a weekend.  We don’t talk at people…we bring people in and get them really involved.  Ever done a construction project in a  team in silence?  It’s pretty cool to watch.  Talk about Making Epic Shit Happen – that’s what we do.  Find out for yourself.  Let us design a team building session that will change your employees lives forever and create engagement and loyalty in your business.

Workshop Design and Facilitation

We don’t need to know the technical side of what you do.  We will do some research so we can guide the learning to your business.

What we do know is how to create the following:

  • Powerful Communication
  • Effective Listening
  • Building Community
  • Creating Intentional Impact
  • Designing Relationships
  • Turning Connections into Clients Faster
  • How to Design Clean Meetings
  • Finding Alignment

OK, there is a lot more.  Contact us to discuss what we can do for your business.

Business Team Grounding and Alignment

How many time have you sat around the boardroom table and had your idea shot down never to contribute again?  When someone says to you “I don’t agree….”  what do you do next?  Working on projects in a team is a little like navigating a mine field of opinion, anger and lack of confidence.

What would change in your business if your meetings were more effective and collaborative?

We work with teams and teach the skills of alignment, conversation and listening with the purpose of creating something greater and more EPIC than anyone can imagine.  We can facilitate a brain storming session that has an outcome of accountability and action items.

Set you team up for a win…contact us to discuss what you need and we will let you know how we can help.

Conflict Resolution - Positive Conflict

Hands up if you like conflict.

There are very few people who like conflict.  Some cause it and walk away leaving a mess.  Some run at the first sign of difficulty.  We teach the skills and tools to deal with high stress and conflict situations.  Guess what??? Conflict is positive.  Yep…said it.  Conflict is Positive. It is all perspective, what you do with it and how you react to it.

Want to create something EPIC from conflict? Contact us to learn how.

Get Shit Done At Work

Let's Do Lunch...or Coffee...Or hang out and talk about you.

We are there 100% for you and your team if you have one.  You get to ask for what you need and get it?  Where else in life can you do that.  Well you can here.  Start by contacting us.