“Mark has an energy and way of making you feel completely at ease, that talking about personal topics and challenges to him came easily.  He was able to determine the root cause of the challenge I was going through, and effectively put in place an easy strategy for me to use.  This awareness of the root cause, and the strategy, resulted in tangible results almost immediately (less than 1 week).  When I wrote my first book, I had numerous people read over it to edit. Despite my high attention to detail, my editors brought to light some other perspectives that I hadn’t considered or had glossed over, and pushed me to give more attention to certain chapters I had been neglecting. Mark does the same thing when it comes your mind, your life and your goals, just as my editors did for my book.  Sometimes it takes a third person perspective to offer insight into ourselves, and he is incredibly gifted.  If you’re looking for a coach who is completely dedicated to your success, then book some time with Mark Simmons.”