“If aliveness is what you seek Mark should be your coach! Mark was able to, in minutes, identify what would make me come alive to ignite my creativity and so I could put it towards the parts of my life where I wanted a different result! He helped me make a vision board of my life- something I felt a great deal of anxiety doing. He got me painting and using my desire to work with my hands to help me problem solve and open to new perspectives in my personal and work life. With Mark you can feel how the possibilities for vision and achievement are absolutely endless. Mark is firm in his service to the client- gentle when it’s needed and he doesn’t accept the currency of BS! He is a freedom fighter to his clients, enabling clients to learn about themselves and all their parts- across the loving through negative self talking spectrum- to empower the client to choose their next steps…to mental freedom and a resonant life! To get a different result you need to take a step on a different direction. First things first…I suggest you call Mark.”